A forbidden love. A world succumbing to darkness. And an ancient evil escaping its prison...

Ireland, 500 years in the future: a world haunted by mutant beings that walk the shadows which men dare not tread. At home, the Party maintains order with the brutal Secrets; abroad, the European Superstate demands loyalty in its cold war against the Chinese empire.

Conall, an Upperclassman, knows he shouldn’t fall in love with Mark—a Fallen boy with many dark secrets. And yet he cannot resist the beautiful, conflicted, and deeply vulnerable teenager.

But the two will have to face more than the Party’s cruel laws if they hope to stay together. Other forces are at work; dark, ancient, and struggling to break free...

Fallen Love is my new up and coming novel. I have written 48,000 words, which I am now revising; I hope to finish the book in the summer holidays. Until then, keep following the Magical Realm, for I will be releasing updates, teasers, and reviews. A sample chapter will arrive soon!

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