Two boys falling in love. An ancient evil breaking free from its chains. And one witch determined to save them all...

When Upperclassman Conall falls in love with Mark—a Fallen boy whom he is forbidden to love—he knows he is going down a dangerous path. But the beautiful, strong and yet deeply vulnerable teenager proves too much to resist. What neither of them knows is that Mark is more than some abandoned social inferior: a secret, immense power lies within him.

Kaylin, a clairvoyant and witch, is assembling an elite force to take down the Party—the brutal regime that maintains Ireland’s Class system. When two boys mysteriously enter her visions, she doesn’t know why they are important. But she soon finds out.

Hidden behind the Barrier, unknown to them all, an ancient, malign force struggles to break free. He wants the Earth—and he needs Mark to get it...

The second draft of Fallen Love is now complete; I am currently seeking agents, and ultimately a publishing contract. This may prove a lengthy process—so to ease the wait, I’ve included the (newly revised) first chapter. Enjoy!

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  1. What en enthralling way to start off a book. Totally captivating.