Alex is a twenty year old student, a party member, and fiction writer. This is a rather unusual combination, and Alex is—dare he say it?—rather proud of this fact. However, Alex generally considers himself to be modest; he would prefer not to write an unctuous, self-congratulating autobiography. Hence the use of third person. Please allow him his eccentricities.

Alex is a student with the university of Amsterdam, and therefore lives in the Netherlands. His parents live in Scotland; and his grandparents in Romania. He also has relatives in England and Belgium. Alex himself has lived in Romania and England, as well as the Netherlands. If this is making your head hurt—let’s just say Alex has a diverse background.

Alex has been writing fiction since fourteen; he first began work on the Necromancer, wrote and published a short story called the Sandman in the meanwhile, wrote another novella which he has not published, and—at sixteen—published the Necromancer. If that makes your head hurt—just take a look around the site. You will discover all that he is working on.

Politics also interests Alex greatly: he is a member of the Labour Party, a socialist, and a europhile . He has written a great deal on economics and political science; you can read it here on the Magical Realm.

Alex is gay; this affects his politics—he is of course greatly interested in LGBT movements around the world—and his personal life, which of course is... personal.

Below is a photo of Alex, which he considers reasonably flattering.

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