He is the thoughts you wish you didn’t have. He is magic; he is fire, and unleashed desire. Meet him and you will never be the same again.

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About the Sandman

The Sandman was released some years ago—in fact it was my very first published work, and so far my only short story. I wrote it as part of a GCSE assignment; it succeeded in getting maximum marks, although inevitably its reception on the market was more mixed. It is a crossover of literary fiction and fantasy: the Sandman himself is both a metaphorical device and a real, breathing creature of magic.

Although my writing has changed since then, I am still offering the Sandman, free of charge, as a taste of my work. If you want something more substantial, there is of course the Necromancer along with my upcoming novel, Fallen Love.


  1. Dis buk is gr8, i luv it ur a rly gud riter

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